What Is My Birthstone?

What Is My Birthstone?


Although there have been countless versions of the Birthstone List over the centuries, based on the availability and cultural significance of different gemstones at different points of history, we stick with the ‘official’ list compiled in 1912, and added to over the years.

We know our customers and members of the Braverman family just love getting a deeper understanding of jewelry, and different gemstones. Because of this, we’ve put together our own definitive guide to birthstones in order for you to gain more knowledge about these precious items, and thus enhance your enjoyment of them. 


Garnet is a gemstone of phenomenal beauty, which has been prized for thousands of years due to its incredible array of colors. Indeed, the ancient Egyptians had a special reverence for this gemstone, and today, it is just as treasured by those who have come across its remarkable properties.

Garnet’s greatest attribute is its hue - from rich, fascinating green garnets to fiery orange examples, and the classic wine-red, crimson and stunning purple examples, this is a gemstone which has as many colours as it has admirers! The most popular garnets today are the deep crimson examples, which symbolise passion, trust and deep, loving affection. 


Amethyst is one of the most instantly recognisable gemstones in the world. The beautiful purple hues of this crystal range from the palest lilac to the deepest violet, and they usually feature the sort of pure, sparkling white tones associated with quartz -  the family of crystals to which amethyst belongs.

Because of its purple tones, amethyst has long been associated with royalty and the ‘royal touch’, and people have often given this crystal the remarkable property of protection from drunkenness and a clouded mind! 


Aquamarine is a fascinating and beautiful gemstone, which has long been associated with the beauty and majesty of the sea. Indeed, many cultures used aquamarines as talismans to protect sailors and explorers, and there are myths and legends aplenty surrounding this gemstone and mermaids, sirens, selkies and other such mythological denizens of the deep.

Today, aquamarine is associated with health, hope and vitality, and their pale blue-green colour brings to mind clear, fresh water and the purity of youth.  Calming and serene, this is a stunning gemstone for any time of year! 


If you’re born in April, you’re in luck - there really is nothing quite as wonderful or captivating as a diamond! Diamonds are the gemstone of pure love and true romance, and the gift of a diamond has been associated with marriage proposal and ultimate commitment for centuries.

While white diamonds are the most popular and commonly found variety of this incredible gemstone, there are far more options than most people realise. ‘Fancy coloured’ diamonds come in a wide range of truly astonishing colours - pinks, blues and yellows can all be found, and modern tastes of ‘black’ diamonds are further developing the palette of this most dazzling of all gemstones.  


As rare as they are beautiful, emeralds are truly astounding gemstones which carry a stunning green colour which, once seen, is never forgotten. Their green hue puts one immediate in mind of springtime, of rebirth and freshness, calm waters and lush, Eden-like landscapes.

Over the millennia, emeralds have been treasured by cultures as far apart as the ancient Indians, and the Incas of Peru - their natural beauty inspires wonder wherever it is found, and while truly flawless examples are incredibly rare, we are proud to offer a wide range of eye-clean emeralds which have the most stunning sparkle, richness and shine. 


Both pearl and Alexandrite were selected as the birthstone for June, giving people born in this month a choice between two stunning pieces of natural beauty! Pearls have simply never fallen from fashion - since time immemorial, they have been collected from the deep, and used in jewelry to represent purity and balance, innocence and natural finesse.

Alexandrite gemstones are incredibly rare, but those who have come across this astonishing gemstone are immediately captivated, due to the fact that their colour can change based on the environment they are viewed in, and the lighting which surrounds them. 


Rubies have been prized and treasured by mankind for millennia, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Their natural beauty is second to none, and the crimson colour for which they are famed is imbued with passion and love, regality and power.

In many cultures, rubies represent good fortune and wisdom, and they can be found on the royal crowns, staffs and other such items in regal collections worldwide. Due to their hardness, rubies are popular for rings as they are suitable for daily wear, and anyone receiving a ruby ring as a birthday present is lucky person indeed! 


August boasts two beautiful gemstones, each of which has been ascribed magical and mystical powers by various peoples over the ages. Spinel is believed to instill its wearer with a sense of serenity and calm, and allow its owner to make good decisions and fine judgement. With its cool, calm purple, blue and pink tones, it is also believed to relieve sadness and grieving, and put the mind at rest.

Peridot, on the other hand, features a stunning lime green hue, and is believed to bring its wearer power, and the ability to influence others around them! Believed to the tears of the goddess of fire, Peridot is a volcanic gemstone believed to keep away the evil eye, and protect its wearer from negative forces.  


There are few gemstones quite as stunning as a sapphire. Although most people immediately associate sapphires with their brilliant blue colour, they actually come in a range of different hues, including green, yellow, pink and more.

Treasured for centuries, sapphires were particularly sought-after in medieval times, when they were believed to have talismanic powers protecting the wearer from evil. Today, they represent fidelity and trust, and are becoming increasingly popular in engagement rings as a romantic gemstone which is prized for its durability and stunning beauty. 


October has a pair of equally fascinating birthstones. Opals are particularly sought after, due to their iridescent  quality, which often displays every colour of the rainbow at once. Tourmaline, too, is a particularly colourful gemstone, and boasts a wide array of different tones which dazzles the viewer and captivates the senses. 


Believed to have come to earth from the sun, Citrine is a beautiful gemstone which is adored for its warm, vibrant colours and its versatility in a number of different items of gemstone jewelry. For centuries, citrine has been associated with physical and spiritual healing, and was traditionally laid on the body during a period of convalescence.

Topaz, too, is prized for its astonishing colour. Although the orange topaz is the most popular variety of this gemstone, it comes in a wide array of different tones, from regal blue, to feminine pink and yellow tones, too.  


December has no less than three official gemstones, each as impressive and beautiful as the last. All three of these gemstones feature different, intense blue colours, which feels fitting in the frostiness of the mid-winter. Turquoise is a stunningly beautiful gemstone, and has been featured in many items of jewelry across the ancient world, perhaps most impressively in the jewelry of ancient Central and South America.

Tanzanite was only discovered a hundred years ago in Tanzania. However, its discovery prompted a rush of interest in and love for this remarkable deep blue gemstone, which quickly became one of the world’s favourites.

Finally, Zircon’s brilliance makes it an enduring popular choice for gemstone earrings, pendants and other such items of jewelry. While it comes in many different hues, the blue zircon gemstones remain by far the most popular, and we produce gorgeous pieces of birthstone jewelry in all of these gemstones, perfect for your loved one’s next birthday.

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