Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide


When it comes to alternative metals which have been embraced wholeheartedly by men looking for sleek, stylish and elegant options for wedding bands, tungsten carbide is right at the top of the list.

Tungsten Carbide rings are not only elegant and modern, they are also prized due to the fact that they are extremely scratch-proof, reassuringly heavy, and highly durable.

As more and more men express to our staff a desire to move away from the traditional precious metal wedding rings, the more we see tungsten rise in popularity. 

Our workshop is proud to produce tungsten rings which are masterful examples of craftsmanship with this metal, resulting in pieces which bring together contemporary high end design, inimitable comfort and a stunning finish, and which highlight this metal’s unique properties.

Almost as hard as diamond, this is an alternative metal which won't let you down and can last you a lifetime - surely the perfect choice for a wedding band! 


In order to provide our valued clients with a range of options for their tungsten rings, many of our pieces are plated with various metals, including rose gold, yellow gold and our dramatic, unique, durable black plating.

Many of our valued male customers are keen to purchase a tungsten wedding band which is as unique and distinctive as their own sense of style, and plating their ring in such a way is a sure method to achieve this level of individual, personalized elegance.

Our tungsten jewelry is treated with the same care, precision and craftsmanship which goes into every piece. Our tungsten is a forged metal, which possesses qualities and strength which will last a lifetime.

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