Strong and unique, sleek and lightweight, titanium is a fantastic choice of metal which has become highly fashionable when it comes to men’s wedding bands.

Titanium has proven itself time and time again over the past hundred years as a high quality metal with superb endurance qualities, having been used for everything from jewelry to motoring, and aerospace design to heavy industry. 

The men's titanium rings that we specialize in our workshop are stunning examples of what can be done with this fascinating metal, and are sure to delight any gentleman who takes his sense of style seriously and demands nothing less than the best.

Many of our customers get in touch with us regarding the nickel content of our titanium wedding bands, as they have concerns regarding allergies to this commonly used alloy.

Rest assured: our titanium rings are 99% pure, and contain no nickel whatsoever, meaning those with a nickel allergy can enjoy these beautiful products without ever needing to worry. 

Over the past decade, we have seen titanium men's wedding bands rocket in popularity. They possess a striking grey-white color, which manages to be both eye-catching and beautiful, while also being understated and elegant, and ideal for contemporary men's fashion.

They are easy to clean, and require little more than a regular wipe with soap and warm water, and so long as you keep them away from harmful chemicals, you should have little problem in maintaining their lustre and shine.

On top of this, titanium wedding bands are lightweight and dynamic, and are preferred by gentlemen seeking a high quality, durable and scratch-resistant wedding band which perfectly suits their active lifestyle. 


Finding the right size for your titanium ring is all important, as nobody wants their titanium wedding band to sit uncomfortably on their finger.

We know how vital this is to our customers' satisfaction, and so we are happy to send you a ring sizer to ensure you make the correct choice. At present, we are unable to resize titanium rings.

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