Precious and Alternative Metals

Precious and Alternative Metals


At our workshop, we always want to go above and beyond expectations. Our goal is to create items of jewelry - made from the finest natural materials - which will be treasured throughout your life, and passed down as heirlooms to be prized by your descendants. 

Our craftsmen and artisan jeweler, Oren never ceases being inspired by the beauty of the precious metals he works with. With this in mind, we would like to take a moment to guide you through the materials which make our pieces so special, beautiful and unique.

These include classic precious metals, which have proven their worth over hundreds of years, as well as more contemporary 'alternative' metals, which are the height of fashion, and offer a sleek, stylish option for the modern gentleman. 


Flawless, captivating and endlessly fascinating, platinum of one of the earth’s greatest treasures, and is our top choice for engagement rings which need that glimmering white, robust base.
Platinum is wonderfully durable, and its everlasting properties and glorious white-grey hue make it the perfect symbol for pure, never-ending love.

A pair of matching wedding bands and an engagement ring in platinum is perhaps the most perfect gesture of love there is. 


Since the earliest days of metalworking and jewel-crafting, gold has inflamed the senses and sparked the imagination of mankind. Its beauty is that of the sun; bright, shimmering and yellow, utterly unmistakable.

The properties of gold are many, but its most prized feature is the fact that it is naturally resistant to tarnishing, and as such is highly appropriate for an everlasting symbol of love. 

Because gold is the most tender and malleable of all base metals, it is common for it to be mixed with other, more durable metals in order to increase its strength and ensure it does not lose its shape over time.

We use the highest industry standard gold metal blends to make sure your gold rings are as durable as they are stunningly beautiful. 


Mysterious, beautiful and inspiring, silver is the metal of the moon, and has been at the heart of fine craftsmanship since time immemorial.

We make silver jewelry pieces from only the finest 925 Sterling Silver, and we use this delightful and highly attractive metal in order to make some of our signature pieces more affordable, and accessible for all budgets. 


If you’re looking for a men's wedding band which is sleek, durable and effortlessly modern, then Tungsten Carbide is the metal for you.

Heavy, unique and stunning, the presence of tungsten carbide is impossible to ignore. The rise of alternative metals being used in men's high quality wedding rings has been spearheaded by this particular material, and when one considers the durability and appearance of tungsten rings, it isn't difficult to see why this has been the case. 


Titanium is the ideal choice for those looking for a lightweight, durable and scratch-resistant men's wedding band which suits their active and dynamic lifestyle.

This wonderful metal is tarnish resistant, and achieves a brilliant shine when polished. 


Meteorite rings have become enormously popular over the past few years. After all, who wouldn’t want a ring made from a material which has traveled through space?

When it comes to the ideal blend of style and individuality, meteorite is the alternative metal which really does tick all the boxes. Made from a blend of elements which includes iron and nickel, these meteorite wedding bands are extremely hard and durable.

On top of this, they happen to be lightweight and with a fascinating finish, often featuring one-of-a-kind naturally formed patterns, lines and criss-crossing marks known as Widmanstatten lines. 

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