Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding Ring Guide


Speak to any happily married man or woman about their wedding day, and you'll notice they might absent-mindedly reach down to their hand, and gently caress their wedding ring.

These circles of precious metal are so very much more than the mere sum of their parts - they become symbols of love and commitment, they hold a wealth of happy memories, they support us through the hard times, and enhance the beauty of the good ones.

Wedding rings are a timeless icon of romance and attachment, and finding the right one for you and your spouse is a key component of any successful marriage. 


When it comes to adding a real touch of class and ceremony to your wedding, there are few things quite as wonderful or charming as a wedding ring for her or a wedding band for him. We are proud to offer an impressive range of matching men’s and women’s wedding rings, which are perfect for that ultimate gesture of love and commitment. 

We believe in offering our valued customers as much choice as possible, and giving all our clients the chance to find a wedding ring which not only harmonizes with their engagement ring, but which fits their personality, too.

Choosing a wedding ring might be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and with this in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you select this most important piece of fine jewelry. 


Because many women like to wear their wedding ring on the same finger where they wear their engagement ring, it is very important that these two pieces of jewelry work well together, and complement each other.

Many engagement rings and wedding rings in our range have been designed to complement each other beautifully, or come in a matching set to ensure they always look spectacular and stylish when worn on the same finger. 

Our range of matching engagement and wedding rings use key design elements to achieve a sense of harmony, such as featuring diamonds of the same size and shape, or having an identical finish or pattern. No matter what you choose, we are confident we have the perfect wedding ring for you. 

Of course, the choice is ultimately yours (or your partner’s), and while some people like the symmetry and balance which comes with a matching set, other people like to mix things up and aim for a unique, fascinating combination of their own choice.

As always, we are always on hand to help you with your selection. 


We know that our clients are wonderfully varied in their tastes and sense of styles, and we also know that you want your wedding day to perfectly reflect your personality in every way. This is why we have created such a wonderfully wide range of women’s wedding rings, with the aim to offer something to suit every need and preference.

As well as a choice of diamonds, in different shapes and sizes, we also offer you more choice with every aspect of your ring, thanks to our broad variety of settings and styles. From simple prong settings to flawless, smooth channel settings, we know that the more choice you have, the easier it is to 

find your dream piece. View our women’s diamond ring page to find out more. 


Both platinum and gold have been treasured through the ages for their beauty, durability and rarity. For the ultimate in luxury, beautiful and lasting perfection, why not consider one of our stunning range of gold wedding rings or platinum wedding rings?

These stunning symbols of love and commitment offer an unbeatable finish and come in a truly breathtaking range of colors; a high quality ring made from one of these precious metals is something which will surely be treasured forever.

Whether you go for a classic wedding band, or are looking for platinum or gold wedding ring in a different, more contemporary style, at our cosy workshop we have the finest examples made from the most stunning precious metals, and we know we will find something that will make your wedding dreams come true. 


If your lady would appreciate something a little different, but something which is still wonderfully elegant, classy and beautiful to look at, you might want to consider a gemstone ring instead. We use all popular gemstones and birthstones, and we would be happy to show you our range of gorgeous gemstone rings, which make for charming and highly distinctive wedding rings. 

Thanks to our wide range of styles, colors, sizes and design features, we’re confident we make one which is utterly perfect for your wedding, and we’ll be only too happy to help you find it. 


The days of men having little choice over their wedding bands are long gone, and gentlemen can be happy in the knowledge that they have more choice and variety than ever before, with colors, materials and styles to suit every taste. 

We are delighted to offer a wide and fascinating range of men’s wedding rings, from classic wedding bands, to beautifully matching his ‘n’ hers examples. Each has been given our utmost care and attention, and is finished magnificently.

We believe in giving all of our customers as much choice as possible across our extensive range, and it is because of this that our men’s wedding ring range comes in a broad variety of widths, styles and surfaces.

We know that we have the perfect ring for you - we’re just waiting for you to come let us help you find it! 


Our range of platinum and gold men’s wedding bands utilize a range of simple, straightforward and elegant designs in order to achieve a look which is ideal for the modern gentleman. Our plain metal bands are durable, beautiful, smart and uncomplicated, and they have been designed with the 21st century man in mind.

Furthermore, for that romantic flourish, they are the perfect match for our women’s wedding rings made from the same materials. 


One of the truly exciting developments in the world of men's wedding rings over the past decade or so, has been the rise in the use of 'alternative metals', offering a sleek and distinctive set of modern-looking rings. Tungsten, meteorite, titanium, cobalt and more are all commonly used nowadays to create a range of striking, minimalist and truly distinctive, distinguished men's wedding bands for the 21st century.

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