Necklaces Guide

Necklaces Guide


There are few gestures quite as romantic as placing a beautiful necklace around the neck of your partner. Indeed, necklaces are wonderful things, and are capable of adding a touch of charm and elegance to any outfit - no wonder most women simply adore them.

On top of this, they are great fun to choose for somebody you love: you get to think about every aspect of the piece of jewelry, from the chain to the pendant, and you can easily come up with a combination which is both totally unique and perfectly personalized to the individual.  

Our range of beautifully made, elegant necklaces comes in the key styles available, and includes single diamond pendants, those which feature other gemstones or a unique metal design. As ever, we are happy to hear your ideas and suggestions for custom pieces, should your partner prefer something truly individual and unique. 


The first thing anybody needs to consider when purchasing a high quality necklace is which type of chain you would like. Choosing the right chain is an important decision, as it will play a huge part in the overall appearance and style of the necklace, so consider which type your partner usually prefers or ask her friends or family members before committing to a decision.

We offer a fantastic variety of beautiful chains for our customers, each of which come in a range of lengths and styles. These can be made from sterling silver or 18k gold, ensuring your necklace has a flawless beauty which will never be forgotten.  


Necklaces are fantastically versatile - that’s just part of the reason why they make such wonderful gifts. It may be that your beloved prefers necklaces featuring the finest, lightest chains, or she may love the boldness and eye-catching beauty of a thicker, heavier chain.

Whichever you both like best, our range of necklaces has been designed to give you the freedom to choose something perfect for your sense of style. 

Once you’ve selected your chain, you can start thinking about what sort of extra features you’d like to add. If you would like the necklace to be a pendant, you can decide on what to hang from your chain.

Brilliant cut diamonds, individual gemstones or unique metal designs are all available and highly popular. If you would prefer a different style, feel free to have a look at our gemstone studded chains, and the other beautiful options we offer.          


We believe in giving our customers as much choice and freedom as possible when it comes to finding their ideal piece of jewelry. This is why we offer several lengths of high quality gold and silver chains, for you to select when purchasing one of our beautiful necklaces. These include 16 inch chokers - elegant, en vogue and alluring - as well as 18 inch standard length chains, and more dramatic, bold and eye-catching 24 inch opera chains.

Please keep in mind that we measure all of our necklaces from end to end, with the length including the clasp. 


Necklaces and pendants make beautiful gifts. There’s something truly special about opening that presentation box, and seeing an elegant chain glimmering in the sunlight, and a precious gemstone, diamond presenting their flawless beauty.

For young women, highlighting the suppleness and smoothness of their skin. Wedding anniversaries can be marked with necklaces featuring an anniversary or birthstone, or something with particular significance for the special day, and as a random act of love and affection, few things are quite as spectacular or special as a gorgeous, hand-crafted pendant. 

Of course, our team are eager to hear from you, and help you choose the most appropriate piece for your needs.

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