Eternity Ring Guide

Eternity Ring Guide


Whether for an engagement, a wedding, or 'just because', rings are always a truly delightful and romantic item to give as a gift, and their eternal symbolism makes them an unending icon of love, esteem, intimacy and affection. 

Eternity rings are designed to commemorate or mark a special moment for a couple, as they travel through life together and reach many milestones on their way.

There are many moments in a relationship which are ideal to mark with the giving of an eternity ring, and one of the best things about presenting one as a gift is that the ring itself will act as a constant reminder of the event it symbolizes.

Just as brides will always admire the beauty of their wedding band, and reminisce on their wedding day each time they run it through their fingertips, an eternity ring can also be a glorious memento of a special moment.

The memory will be carried with the wearer everywhere they go, and treasured for all time, bringing great pleasure and happiness. 


Anniversaries and the birth of a child are both fitting occasions for which an eternity ring is highly appropriate, due to their life-changing nature, but every relationship is different and every couple reach unique milestones.

Whether you are renewing your marriage vows or celebrating the purchase of your first home, you have the freedom and imagination to decide for what your ring should be a reminder of. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of an eternity ring is the belief that the diamonds or gemstones which encircle it represent key events, moments, or milestones in the life of the couple.

First kisses, significant dates, proposals... all could be symbolized and immortalized in each diamond. In this way, the individual can apply their own meaning and significance to the other diamonds on their ring, and with each milestone recognized, it becomes more and more precious. 


Eternity rings are so called due to their unending circle of precious stones, which typically mark them as separate from wedding or engagement rings.

Most traditionally, eternity rings feature a circle of brilliant diamonds, but other gemstones can also be chosen. We have a wide range of eternity rings in our

collection which feature an array of different precious stones, and we would be absolutely delighted to show you what options we have available. 

Popular choices include our eternity rings with a full circle of diamonds, and those with a half ring of gemstones (which may be more appropriate if the ring ever needs to be resized).

If you want something made with a particular birthstone or alternative gemstone, then rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more are available, and we are proud to offer eternity rings which suit every taste, and every budget, too. 


Eternity rings have boomed in popularity over recent years, and here at our workshop, we have seen the number of enquiries and orders of eternity rings raise over the years.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times, or perhaps they have swung into fashion in ways they didn’t in the past. We think it’s down to something else, something far more beautiful and fascinating: their recent popularity has come about as a result of people wanting to further seal their commitment to each other. 

The wonderful thing about eternity rings has nothing to do with their cost or their design, or even with the whims of fashion. Eternity rings are special for the simple fact that they are not necessary, required or expected.

Engagement rings are necessary for a proposal to take place, and a wedding without rings simply isn’t the same. However, the giving of an eternity ring, whether to mark a special occasion or event, or simply as a gesture of deep and unending love, is a voluntary gift which resonates deeply in the heart of the recipient.

If you are presenting one of our exquisite eternity rings as a gift to your loved one, you are ensuring that the moment it commemorates is forever to be remembered each time your beloved touches their hand, or gazes at the piece on their finger.

This could be a moment which would bring delight to any couple, such as a significant

anniversary, or the birth of a child. However, it could just as much be connected to the completion of a project, or the anniversary of a first meeting or a first kiss, or simply as an out-of-the-blue gesture to show deep love, commitment and affection.   

Of course, eternity rings can also take the place of engagement and wedding rings. Their unique look and stunningly beautiful design certainly look the part, and many people choose an eternity ring as an engagement or wedding ring to celebrate their big day. 


The most popular type of eternity ring is known as a 'full eternity ring'. These typically feature cut diamonds, although other gemstones are also available and popular.

The full eternity ring features a complete circle of diamonds, which cover the whole circumference of the ring - a truly glamorous, luxurious look for those who appreciate dazzling beauty and style. Do bear in mind that due to the stones being all the way around the ring, these pieces cannot be resized - we are, of course, always happy to help you ensure you have selected the correct size for your partner's finger. 

The other key style for this item of jewelry is the 'half eternity ring', which features stones (again, typically diamonds) which run along only half of the ring’s circumference. Many people actually prefer this style, as some people claim they allow a little more dexterity of the fingers, and they can also be resized if necessary.

If you have any questions on full or half eternity rings, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us - we will be only too happy to help you choose the best piece with which to light up your partner’s face.

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