Diamonds General Characteristics

Diamonds General Characteristics


The ‘table’ of a diamond is flat top surface of the gemstone, as opposed to the angled connecting surfaces.


This is the top part of the diamond, which is angled to the TABLE. It connects both the GIRDLE and the table.


Essentially, the ‘edges’ of the diamond, and the part which connects the CROWN and the PAVILION. This part plays a key role in the setting of the diamond.     


The Pavilion of a diamond refers to those exterior facets which begin at the GIRDLE and end at the tip, or CUTLET.


The surface or point at the bottom of a diamond. Not all diamonds have a pointed cutlet, some jewelers prefer a flat surface for various stylistic reasons.      


Simply put, the depth of a diamond is a dimension, calculated as a percentage. It is taken from the height of the diamond divided by its average diameter.

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