Diamond Color

Diamond Color


As with many things in this industry, the color of a diamond is also something which is commonly misunderstood. Technically speaking, a diamond’s color is not - as a matter of fact - connected to the fire and scintillation, but rather it is the natural color of the original form, the beautiful hue provided by nature and taken from the earth.

The majority of diamonds exude a pale yellow color, and the grading of a diamond’s color is dependent on how white or transparent it is.

The purest, rarest and most highly graded diamonds, therefore, are those which lack any color whatsoever and are thus able to sparkle and shine uninterrupted, due to the fact that the whiter the diamond, the less filtration of light there will be.

Selecting the Perfect Grade

Most of our customers come to us seeking a diamond which is the essence of purity and brilliance, and we are always delighted to take them through a range of near-colorless diamonds. We are also happy to share the different gradients of diamond color with our customers, in order to help them make the best selection.

Please take moment to consider the information below, and bear in mind that the naked human eye cannot detect a significant difference between most of the levels laid out here - this is something normally reserved for experts and jewelers, but which we would like to share with you to heighten your understanding.


As with all aspects of the quality of diamonds, color is something which measured on a scale which is standardized across the industry. The color scale indicates the level of color or lack of color, and helps jewelers and customers alike select the best diamond for their needs. The highest grade is represented by the letter D, and it continues all the way to Z.


This is the highest grade when it comes to color. A completely colorless, totally 'white' and extremely rare diamond of the highest value.


Diamonds in this category are colorless to the naked eye, and possess a level of color which is only detectable by experienced gemologists using specialized equipment.


Diamonds of this grade are also colored extremely white, and it would be very difficult to tell them apart from a higher grade once set in a piece of diamond jewelry. Their difference is only recognizable when directly compared side by side with diamonds of a higher color grade.


Diamonds at this point in the scale have a very slight yellow hue, caused by the natural tone of the uncut diamond they came from. These would be the most affordable option.


Most of our customers come to us asking for a diamond which is of the highest quality, while also being somewhat budget-friendly. In this regard, we always direct people to our G-H Near Colorless diamonds, which are stunning examples of natural beauty which are a true joy to behold. 

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