Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes


While round diamonds are the most popular shape with customers all over the world, ‘fancy shapes’ - that is, non-round diamonds - are also popular, and are increasing in their popularity every day. This is partly thanks to the fact that more and more people are seeking out something unique, unusual or personalized in their diamond jewelry.

Round or fancy, classic or contemporary, every shape has its own set of features, its own characteristics and its own unique qualities.


There are two widely available cut types, the 'stepped cut' and the 'brilliant cut'.

Stepped cut diamonds are the less common of the two, but are becoming more popular due to their modern, angular and dynamic appearance. The facets of these diamonds are cut to be parallel to each other, thus optimizing their purity, and increasing their clarity grade.

Brilliant cut diamonds, on the other hand, are the classic choice. They are made by having all of their facets cut to meet at the 'cutlet' or bottom point. The result is a dazzling light performance, and an unmistakable sparkle. 




By a considerable distance, the round diamond shape is the most popular. For over one hundred years, jewelers have been cutting diamonds into this shape, and gradually maximizing the light reflections, fire and scintillation of the cut, thus constantly pushing the boundaries of beauty and possibility. In part because of the fact that the round diamond cut is the most popular shape we cherish for diamond engagement rings, this shape offers the widest range of clarity grades, colors and cuts, at a variety of different prices.


If you or your partner appreciates elegant and classic jewelry, it may be worth considering a beautiful cushion cut diamond for your engagement ring. The past few years has seen an increase of interest in this beautiful and delicate cut. Part of its charm is its connection to the past - it is very similar in shape to the classic cuts of yesteryear, making this shape romantic, delicate and timeless in its sophistication.

This cut features rounded corners and very large facets, the combination of which enhances the scintillation of the diamond. If you are looking for a diamond which recalls the old-time glamour of the silver screen, then this may be the one for you. 


Increasing in popularity is the Princess Cut, one of the many ‘fancy shaped’ diamonds available to buyers, and currently a second biggest seller.

This shape, thanks to its unique form, geometric character and dazzling brilliance adds plenty of class and eye-turning beauty to any engagement ring.

The princess cut diamond can be more square or more rectangular, depending on the effect the jeweler is aiming for, but no matter the exact ratios, this diamond is a true stunner which will be adored by anyone lucky enough to receive it. 



The emerald cut is an exceptionally beautiful and highly unique one, and is among the very few Stepped Cut diamond shapes we offer to our customers. Unlike other cuts, this shape has rectangular facets which give it its unique appearance - one which fits beautifully in modern, sophisticated pieces of jewelry and classic settings alike.

The overall effect is one of symmetry, elegance and a heightened delicacy, and thanks to the larger facets of the stepped cut, this diamond’s clarity is highlighted to a wondrous degree. 


We also offer Asscher Diamond engagement rings. The Asscher diamond cut has much in common with the emerald diamond - both are stepped cuts, and both have the same distinctive rectangular facets and delicate, refined, symmetrical quality.

However, the length to width ratio of a classic Asscher diamond is slightly different to that of a classic emerald cut, which displays the clarity of the diamond perhaps even more beautifully, the Asscher Is a more squared cut rather than an enlengthened rectangle.



If you’re looking for a distinctive diamond which is sure to stand out from the crowd, the teardrop diamond may well be exactly what you seek. Also known as the pear cut, the Teardrop diamond resembles a tear of joy, fallen on the cheek of some divine being - it’s a truly beautiful shape, and once seen, is never forgotten.

Featuring a base of a round, brilliant cut diamond, which tapers to a marquise tip, this delicate, impressive and distinctive shape is a highly flattering one due to its particular proportions and elegant form.


For those looking for something truly special for their engagement ring, the Radiant Cut diamond is a highly versatile and very popular choice nowadays, thanks to its suitability for a range of different settings. Bringing together the refinement, delicacy and brilliance of an emerald cut diamond with the sparkle and scintillation and fire of a round diamond, this diamond is the best of all possible worlds.


Looking for something big, bold and impressive? Oval Cut diamonds are the ones we’d recommend most strongly for setting in rings destined for delicate, long or tapered fingers, and they bring a timeless and impressive elegance which is all their own.

Although they are similar to a round diamond in regards to its sparkle, scintillation, brilliance and fire, the Oval Cut diamond appears slightly larger than a round diamond of the same weight, due to its elongated size. A divinely luxurious choice. 


If your beloved likes to approach life from her own unique angle, then the Trillion cut is perhaps the one for her. This unique and triangular cut features a distinctive sparkle and a brilliance which is truly breathtaking.

With three pointed corners and a brilliant cut, the Trillion diamond exudes a high clarity than any other cut, and as such makes for a beautiful centrepiece or side diamond in any piece of fine jewelry. 


When it comes to true, dazzling excellence, there's no cut quite like a Marquise Diamond. Because this fascinating and unique cut has a larger surface area than any other, the Marquise Cut diamond seems to appear larger in size than other diamonds of a similar carat weight.

The shape itself could be described as being reminiscent to that of an eye - a beautiful round cut diamond, tapered at each side to a pair of delicate corners, capturing a unique scintillation and brilliance that is utterly bewitching. Unique, fascinating, and truly a thing of beauty. 


If you are a true romantic, wishing to express affection from the very depths of your soul, there may well be no other choice but the beautiful heart shaped diamond. With perfect symmetry, breathtaking brilliance and a shape which is the very icon of love, the Heart Cut diamond is the ultimate symbol of commitment, of eternal bonds and everlasting affection.

Because of its brilliance and fire, this shape of diamond is capable of looking divine in any setting.

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