Diamond Light Reflection

Diamond Light Reflection


Understanding all of the terminology when it comes to diamonds can be a bit overwhelming. We believe in keeping jargon to a minimum, ensuring our customers' journey to buying their ideal diamond is as simple as possible. However, there are some pieces of industry language which you may find useful to have in your vocabulary, in case you have any questions to ask us anything specifically.


A beautiful word, with a beautiful meaning! This refers to what people usually think of when they imagine light reflecting off the surface of a diamond. Scintillation is the sparkle and shimmer, the flash and dazzle of light caught by the eye as the diamond is in motion - one of nature’s most wondrous gifts.


'Brilliance’ refers to the way the light plays and performs within the diamond, and is the term which is most regularly used when people are trying to capture beauty of diamonds and put it into words. Diamonds are cut into various facets, and when white light penetrates these surfaces, it is again reflected outwards in an unmistakable brightness. Brilliance is this brightness, and a key factor in what makes diamonds so very special and sought after.


Fire is the divine and dazzling combination of rainbow colors which hit the eye through refraction from within the depths of the diamond. As light enters the diamond, it slows and splits into the various colors of the spectrum as it spreads across the inside of the diamond. The spectrum then returns to the top of the diamond, and sprays outwards in a spellbinding display of colors.

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