Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut

DIAMOND CUTS                  

The cut of a diamond is one of many misunderstood terms in this industry. Many people seem to be under the impression that this term refers to the physical shape of the diamond. In actual fact, the cut refers to the combination of the balance of the diamond’s proportions, the symmetry and the polish, all factors which ultimately come down to the skills and talents of the individual diamond cutter and polisher.


Of all the 4 C’s, ‘cut’ is widely considered to be the most important feature of any given diamond. It is the cut, after all, which gives the diamond its glimmer, brightness and unique appearance, due to the fact that it is this particular quality which has the most significant impact upon the amount of light the diamond reflects and refracts, or sparkles.

The light performance, sparkle or 'fire' of a diamond is partly dependent on the definition of the diamond’s proportions and facets. A well proportioned diamond reflects more light from the top (the ‘table’ of the stone), whereas a disproportionate cut can result in light being deflected from the sides of the diamond, and those not sparkling as much to the naked eye.

Because the light performance of your diamond is its most visible and obvious feature, we recommend thinking about the cut of your diamond when considering which one to purchase. We invite you to take a moment and learn about the various grades of cut:


  • Roughly a quarter of all diamonds destined for jewelry will be categorized as being in the 'Good' cut grade, and are generally considered the most affordable choice. While this is actually one of the lower grades, those with a ‘Good’ cut are still in possession of a high level of brilliance and fire, and still manage to reflect the majority of incoming light.


  • More budget-friendly than most others, and making up around 15% of diamonds set in jewelry, ‘Very Good' cut diamonds still have a stunning level of brilliance, and plenty of fascinating features which would surely delight any lover of beauty and elegance.


  • 'Excellent' cut diamonds are a truly stunning cut. These diamonds are masterful examples of both high craftsmanship and natural beauty. They feature a vibrant, sparkling appearance, an almost unrivalled brilliance, and a symmetry and finish which is capable of taking your breath away. 


  • Rare and treasured, sought-after and magnificent, the 'Braverman Super Ideal' Cut diamonds are pure examples of artisanal skill, and are natural beauty defined. The finest polish, a flawless symmetry and proportions which are nothing short of perfection, all results in a brilliance and light performance which is second to none. These diamonds are the one percent, the unforgettable, the zenith of their kind. 

Erez, our diamond expert has mastered his art with pride and great competence, and can ensure your diamonds express a fire which will never fade, and will be cherished for generations.  If you would like to find out what makes the cut of our diamonds so special, please get in touch to benefit from us!

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