Diamond Carat

Diamond Carat


The carat of a diamond is a measurement of weight, rather than of size (two factors which are commonly confused). This is significant for many reasons, not least because two diamonds of a very similar carat weight may appear to be considerably different in size, due to their cut grade or shape.

Part of the diamond cutter's skill, after all, is to maximize the diamond’s carat weight.

It's always worth bearing in mind the fact that even 1 carat diamonds can vary quite radically in their apparent size, due to the way in which they have been cut and finished.

We've put together the following pieces of information regarding carat weights to help you understand this particular quality a little better. 


We're always looking for ways to ensure our diamond rings and pieces of diamond jewelry are as affordable as possible for our customers. One thing we are always keen to get our customers to think of is carat size, and how they can maximize the impact of their diamond within their budget by taking this factor into consideration.

Carat sizes come in full and half measures, and it may well be worth opting for a carat half a measure smaller than what you originally had in mind: it will certainly be more affordable, and yet the size will be almost identical when viewed by the naked eye. 

Another key thing to keep in mind is this: diamonds are a natural resource, and are taken from the ground before being processed. As such, it is very unlikely for a diamond to be cut from the rock in a size and set of proportions suitable for jewelry - the reality is far more random.

Because of this, lots of people opt for the economical choice of ‘undersize’ diamonds - those which have a carat weight which (due to their natural size and weight) are just below the line of the next price category up. 

As with all factors associated with diamond quality, we would be more than happy to assist you in selecting the best diamond for your needs and budget, in order to ensure you find one which matches you perfectly.

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