Design Your Own

Design Your Own


Have a particular vision of how your perfect piece of jewelry looks, and want to make your vision a reality? Need a unique item made for a special event, or for a special someone? Oren our custom design expert can help you bring your dreams to life. 


Achieving great style has always been about taking things into your own hands, and using imagination and skill to produce something which is as unique as it is fascinating.

This applies as much to fine jewelry as it does to our clothes and hairstyles, and there are endless ways in which you can express just what it is about you that makes your style unique, through the medium of high quality pieces of jewelry. 

Whether you need expert advice on making a particular vision or idea reality, or need help customizing and designing jewelry, we will only be too happy to assist you, every step of the way.

All you need to do is lay out your ideas for us, and our skilled artisan can take care of it for you. You and your vision will be a key part of the creative process; our designer and jeweler will talk you through everything, and will take care to stick to your envisioned budget.

We will always use appropriate metals and gemstones, and will develop your designs in order to breathe life into your original ideas. Perfection awaits! 

Do bear in mind that the creative and artistic side of creating an original piece, or customizing an existing piece to meet your expectations does take time.

We like to give our customers an estimated timeline of 4-8 weeks on such projects, depending on the intricacy of the design and the materials required. We will, of course, keep you informed on timelines before the project begins, and will keep you updated consistently as the project unfolds.




In order to get a completely free price quote for your custom piece, all you need to do is get in touch with us - we love listening to new ideas and concepts. Once all is understood, and a vision begins to take shape, we can provide you with an accurate quote for you to consider.



We will select the most accurate design for your particular piece, and we will set about working on and fine tuning the design in order to meet your vision, and will take the first steps towards breathing life into your piece. Also, Erez our gemstones and diamonds expert will be in touch (if necessary) to help you select the best conflict free diamonds or other gemstones for your piece, according to your vision, budget and preferences.



Here, the creative process truly starts to get underway: once the concept has been finished, your order has been placed and everyone is happy to go ahead with the project, we will set

about creating a detailed illustration - for your approval - which will be the first step of the actual crafting process. Once this is approved, the creation of your piece can begin using your materials of choice.



Once you are 100% happy with the design we have worked on together, we will begin making your piece… and we will still be with you every step of the way. We take an enormous amount of pride in all our pieces, but these custom pieces have a special place in our jeweler’s hearts.

After all, every piece is unique, and they can be a challenge our expert craftsman always rises to. Perfection is the only standard we work to, and we will only send out your piece once we are completely satisfied it could be described as nothing less than flawless.

Lastly we will then package it up in one of our luxury boxes, and have it shipped to you - wherever you may be. 

Terms & Conditions

Our free quotes remain valid for 5 business days only, due to the fluctuating nature of the cost of natural raw materials. Custom pieces do not qualify for free resizing, and will be subjected to resizing fees. Custom pieces, due to their unique nature, are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, and are not able to be canceled once the order has been placed. We retain all rights to all the designs, and also retain the right to market or sell jewelry of the same or similar design at any future time.

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