a little about Braverman

Why Choose Braverman Jewelry? 

Our family history is deeply entwined with the diamond industry. Since the 1930's, our ancestors have been mining, collecting, sorting and processing diamonds, as well as polishing and cutting these most beautiful gemstones in order to allow their true potential to shine. Our mission is - and has always been - to find the finest ways of expressing our love for diamonds, gemstones and fine metals and showing the world the flawless beauty of nature's most precious wonder, by crafting jewelry ourselves.

We believe in hand-selecting raw diamonds and metals, using our expertise and artisan skills to transform them into the most stunning examples of this ancient and revered craft. However, we also believe that diamonds and fine jewelry should be within the reach of anyone who wishes to take delight in their properties; their sparkle, shine and purity of form. As such, we started selling our most lustrous and luxurious diamonds for their true value, instead of the inflated cost caused by the inclusion of middlemen and their profit margins. After achieving great success from local sales we were ready to make the bold decision to become one of the first online handmade fine jewellers. 

Ever since, we have striven to serve our valued customers to the very best of our abilities, and present them with only the finest gemstones which have passed our meticulous standards and inspections. Our finished products go through several stages of approval before being released to our customers, ensuring an unbiased agreement on their excellence and beauty.

The Personal Touch 

Our clients are our most valued asset - a part of the family, and as such, every Braverman customer is treated as a family member. This means you will be walked and guided through the purchasing process by Erez, or consulted carefully and attentively when it comes to creating an original piece by Oren. Overall, we want you to feel as though you are receiving the warmest and most personal service possible. Because we care for each piece, you can rest assured that you will end up with exactly what you came for and more: great value for money, absolute satisfaction guaranteed, and a reinforced love for fine jewelry. 

Braverman Jewelry family - we Oren & Erez strive to keep our personal approach to our customers. Consistently enhancing and updating our customer satisfaction procedures and policies, we are confident that our wide, varied range of products - coupled with our attentive customer care - will ensure you return to us again and again. 

When it comes to bringing that valued personal touch, Braverman Jewelry is second to none, and this becomes especially vital for that most romantic and unifying of gestures: the presentation of a diamond engagement ring. While our expertise is constantly expanding, growing and evolving, you can rest assured that every single diamond or gem we produce for our engagement rings and all other ranges is checked, checked and checked again by us ensuring quality and value for money.  This is the very essence of our commitment to every one of our customers. 

Reasons to Shop With Braverman Jewelry 

Flawless Customer Service and Full Transparency

Customer service is the cornerstone of what makes us special. Both before and after your purchase, we ensure the finest customer service to every one of our customers. Furthermore, we will join you on your journey to find the jewelry piece or diamond ring of your dreams... after all, these are things that can change lives forever. Our customers are happy for their testimonials to be displayed along with their contact details, so if you wish to find out more information about why they are so happy with what we do, you're welcome to get in touch, just read our reviews to see the personal attendance we provide.

Variety and Flexibility

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. As such, I enjoy crafting a vast range of materials such as white gold, tungsten, titanium, yellow gold or platinum diamond settings. Because all of our jewelry is handcrafted in-house, we offer our customers total flexibility when it comes to custom making their items. The choice is yours! 

Our Shipping Options 

Not only do we ship and sell diamond engagement rings, diamond accessories and gemstone jewelry, we are also committed to keeping our customer's costs down by offering fully insured shipping completely free. From our workshop to your doorstep, your diamonds will be in the safest hands.

Our Story & History

Our story begins with our great grandparent which were global wood exporters by sea, after discovering the diamond industry – intrigued by its unique nature and vast interest – he began dealing with diamonds as well. During that time, he noticed an increasing interest in dealing with diamonds overseas. He began purchasing raw natural diamonds, going the entire process of raw to polished, before any physical work is done, the rough diamonds are carefully examined in order to determine what would be their ideal shape and size, many times a single rough diamond piece will be turned into different cuts and sizes of diamonds. With our growing knowledge of the industry we were soon attracted to the jewel crafting part of the trade, where my brother Erez and I (Oren) began our journey crafting handmade jewelry and offering them online, with personal care!